Lynn Blackwell

Lynn Blackwell is our Station Administrator and works behind the scenes to keep the radio station on air.

While Keri is the Station Managing Director, he spends most of his time on-air and if you asked him what a spreadsheet is, he’d probably tell you it’s something that goes on a bed.

Lynn is “the glue that holds everything together”. She organises virtually everything that needs to be done at our little radio station. Lynn makes sure that our advertisers’ latest offers are on-air. She deals with admin duties and paperwork, looks after the station accounts and makes sure the bills get paid on time.

And Lynn helps arrange many of the features you hear on Radio Scilly by booking-in interviews with clubs, groups and community leaders.

So if you need to contact us, it’s best to try and get hold of Lynn rather than Keri – she’s much better at this sort of thing.