Listen Live

You can hear us on 107.9FM on the Islands (and some parts of mainland Cornwall) or you can listen to us online. Listeners to our web feeds hear exactly what people on the islands can hear on FM.


Frequently Asked Questions/Troubleshooting
Why can’t I connect?
– From time to time, our servers may be full and this means that we won’t be able to deliver our stream to you.
– Sometimes we need to switch the services off for maintenance. Try connecting again later.
– There may be a problem with your network. Users with particularly slow connections may ‘lag out’ and disconnect.

Why is the video feed entirely black?
Is it night-time in the UK? If so, the likelihood is that we’ve turned the lights off and have gone home!

Why don’t I hear anything?
– Are your speakers switched on?
– Can you hear sounds from other computer programs?
– Is the ‘mute’ button pushed on your listening software?

Why can’t I listen on my WiFi Internet Radio?
Technically, you should be able to listen to us on Internet Radios. We are listed on Reciva internet services so if you cannot connect to us, try making your radio update its list of stations. This may solve the problem.

Why can I only see the top of your head?
The webcam has slipped! E-mail us – – and we’ll sort it out.

Please Note we cannot offer individual technical support on streaming issues.