Big Changes For Scilly’s Council Following Local Elections

Yesterday’s local elections have produced big changes for Scilly’s Council, with the former Chairman Amanda Martin losing her seat and seven new councillors being elected.

Robert Francis, Joel Williams, Steve Watt, Euan Rodger and Dan Marcus where among the twelve councillors elected for St Mary’s. They’ll be joined by Fran Grottick, Avril Mumford, Adrian Davis, Ted Moulson, Andy Guy, Michael Nelhams and Steve Sims who all served in the last council.

Former Chairman Amanda Martin, Andrew Combes and Fraser Hicks failed to poll enough votes to continue as councillors. Beth Hilton, Thomas Mitchell and Nicky Guthrie also did not gain enough votes to be elected.

On the Off-Islands, Lady Marian Berkeley will continue as councillor for Bryher together with Robert Dorrien-Smith for Tresco. They’ll be joined by Jonathan Smith from St Martin’s and Harry Legg from St Agnes.

The full results for St Mary’s are as follows:


Elected councillors

FRANCIS, Robert 576

GROTTICK, Frances 538

DAVIS, Adrian 520

WILLIAMS, Joel 514

MUMFORD, Avril 493

MOULSON, Edward 481

WATT, Stephen 436

RODGER, A Euan 430

MARCUS, Daniel 428

GUY, Andrew 420

NELHAMS, Michael 408

SIMS, Stephen 376


Not elected

MARTIN, Amanda 321

GUTHRIE, J Nicola 319

HILTON, Bethany J 311

HICKS, Fraser 297

COMBES, Andrew 250

MITCHELL, Thomas 25

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