Cornwall Council Preparing To Take On Raft Of Scilly Council Services

town hall windows signScilly’s Council could ask Cornwall to provide a raft of essential services to the islands as it prepares to plug a 40% hole in its budget.

The details were revealed in a report to Cornwall’s Resources Policy Advisory Committee at their meeting last Thursday.

The report says Scilly’s Council is facing “significant budgetary pressures in the context of continued austerity measures, which is adversely impacting on its ability to continue to provide a whole range of both vital frontline and support services to its residents.”

And it says that following recent informal discussions between Scilly’s Chief Executive Theo Leijser and Kate Kennally, his counterpart in Cornwall, both sides are keen to explore the opportunities to provide services or functions to the islands.

So far this year, Scilly’s Council has agreed to share a Chief Fire Officer and the Monitoring Officer role with Cornwall.

They’ve also put in place an agreement to obtain legal services and already share an Acting Director of Public Health.

The report says there’s potential for Cornwall to take on some waste services and to fill the Section 151 Officer role when the current holder leaves in September.

The S151 Officer is a statutory role that looks after the financial probity of the Council.

The report also says Scilly’s Council has expressed an interest in sharing IT support, human resources and procurement.

But the report also warns Cornwall’s councillors that their authority shouldn’t suffer financially by bailing out Scilly.

It says that any collaborative arrangements “must be mutually beneficial to both the Council and the IoS” and ideally provide a net modest external income stream to Cornwall, who are also facing budget pressures.

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