Scilly’s Council Will Share Monitoring Officer With Cornwall

town hall windows signIn a sign of further co-operation with the mainland, Scilly’s councillors have voted to appoint Cornwall Council’s Monitoring Officer to oversee the same role on the islands.

Richard Williams will take up the position vacated by former Scilly Council Legal Officer Richard Burraston, who resigned last month.

The Monitoring Officer is a role required by law in every local authority. They ensure that the Council is performing its duties legally.

Chief Executive Theo Leijser told members at last week’s Full Council meeting that ideally, the Monitoring Officer would be employed by the Council.

But he said the Council currently doesn’t know what its financial settlement will be for next year, so he suggested going with this temporary arrangement in the interim.

The report given to councillors also stated that further integration of “a range of other services including the provision of related legal services” with Cornwall is being explored.

Cllr Gordon Bilsborough said he could understand why this arrangement was being put in place but said he felt “uneasy” about it.

Gordon said the Monitoring Officer would be, “out of sight, over the horizon in Cornwall” and that the job, “requires someone here to keep an eye on what’s going on.”

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