Proposal To Increase Councillor Allowances Withdrawn From Meeting

town hall 4A proposal to increase the payments made to Scilly’s councillors, including an extra £2,000 for the Council Chairman, has been postponed until the autumn.

The recommendations made by an independent review panel were due to be discussed at the Full Council meeting last week.

No reason was given for why the item had been withdrawn.

The panel had proposed an additional ‘civic allowance’ of £2,000 for the Chairman and £500 for the Vice Chairman of the Council in recognition of the extra demands on their private purse due to the roles.

They also suggested introducing a performance bonus of £400 a year, paid to all councillors who attend at least 75% of their designated meetings.

And an £8 lunch allowance for off-island councillors attending both a morning and afternoon meeting on the same day was also recommended.

The review panel felt these changes would increase the ability of younger, employed islanders to stand for Council.

They said the changes would “come in at considerably under £10,000” and some savings will accrue from fewer ‘special’ boats being ordered as a result of the lunch allowance being made available.

And they said it will have “the added benefit of showing that Councillors time is valued in the terms of the contribution they make to the governance of the community.”

The changes, if approved, would not be introduced until after the local elections next year.

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