Update From St Mary’s Harbour Team 20th May 2016


  • Next week there will be some work carried out by the NOC with surface autonomous vessels – please see LNtM 7/16
  • We will be working with the MCA next week on their annual National Tier 3 Exercise where counter pollution equipment will be tested by staff from Braemar Howells. We will be working in St. Mary’s Roads and also Porth Hellick and landing craft Arromanches will be used by the MCA for this exercise
  • The automatic barrier is now operational on the quay and a limited number of fobs have been issued. Quay permit holders wishing to pick up/drop off freight in the working yard must liaise with the ISSCo freight office on the quay to arrange timings for pick up/drop off of freight or, park in one of the parking bays and pop into the freight office.
  • We will be looking to install an additional bike rack on Old Quay this coming week using some of the old timber from the old quay fenders
  • The fittings to complete the passenger walkway handrails have now been fitted
  • Work to install the timbers on the new steps is now completed and we will be fitting a nonslip tread before they are open to the public – hopefully by the end of next week
  • Bills for local moorings, running lines, beach mooring etc. have been finalised and should be in the post today along with a request for insurance details – as we did last year. Anyone wishing to provide their insurance details in advance can email or pop into the harbour office
  • The new quay signs are being painted and should be ready for delivery by the end of next week
  • We have purchased an ADI Access unit which will be installed in the disabled access toilets on the quay which will give audible advice to people who suffer from blindness or of limited vision.
  • We have installed another defibrillator within the harbour, this time on-board the harbour launch Pegasus. This compliments our other defibrillator which is situated in the waiting room.
  • We have now placed an order 2 new ladders and we expect them to be ready to fit (in the outer berth) in approximately 3-4 weeks. We will also look to re-position the ladder adjacent to the davit to avoid the head ropes of the Scy III
  • Guttering to some areas of the harbourside building is currently being installed by and will completed within the next week – depending on delivery times.
  • We have installed a new Starboard hand buoy (Newman) which is situated to the South of the Bacon Buoy – see LNtM 5/16
  • The yellow mooring buoy at the back of the quay has been removed however the other buoys around the islands remain – please see LNtM 6/16
  • We will review the set-up of the pontoons this coming week with a proposal to increase the area within the 1st‘bay’
  • The harbour office opening hours are now 8am-5pm 7 days a week. Please call 07789 273626 if the office is locked or VHF Ch 14.


CIOS Waste Project

  • The waste project continues with KML conducting waste transfers from the site Moorwell using hook-loader bins which are being loaded onto landing craft.
  • We expect the Severn Sins to arrive on Sunday afternoons HW to drop off 4 empty skips and backload some Kier items. She will then return either on the Monday pm HW or Tuesday am HW to offload a further 4 empty skips and backload with 4 full skips. Movements after this are not yet known.
  • The landing craft Terramare will arrive on Monday and load some bagged waste from alongside the quay once the Scillonian III has departed. On completion of loading, the Terramare will return to the mainland
  • It is expected that the waste project will continue until September this year
  • The offload of the bulldozer and roller went ahead at Porthloo and not at Porthmellon



  • Kier continue to work on snagging items from the quay project and also on their de-mobilisation from the Island and withdrawal from Parting Carn
  • Kier demobilisation is being conducted by KML using landing craft primarily loading at Porthloo – Severn Sins will back load some items on Sunday pm as mentioned above


Cruise Ships

  • 15 cruise ships have visited the Islands so far this year
  • The Serenissima is currently at anchor in Crow Sound and is due to depart tomorrow (Saturday) lunchtime.
  • The Serenissima will make her 4thand final visit to the Islands next Tuesday when she arrives for the day – our only cruise ship that week.
  • A full list of expected cruise ships can be obtained from the harbour office


If anyone has any questions or concerns regarding any of the above or any other harbour issues then please do not hesitate to get in touch.