Passengers Rescued After Tripper Boat Incident

surprise st marys boatSt Mary’s Lifeboat came to the aid of 48 passengers and 2 crewmembers on board a tripper boat this morning.

The incident occurred just after 11.30am, when the Surprise was reported to be taking on water by the Daisy in the Western Rocks.

RNLI spokesman Steve Watt says the fishing vessel Pioneer, along with Ben Hicks in his RIB were on the scene within minutes of the Mayday call being broadcast.

Using the RIB, Ben was able to get in close to transfer passengers to the Pioneer.

The Pilot RIB Pegasus and Mark Bromham in an Orkney also responded.

Mark was able to get in close to the shore and alongside and take off the last of the passengers.

On arrival the St Mary’s Lifeboat transferred a crewman with a salvage pump to the Surprise, whilst Mark transferred his passengers to the ambulance boat which had just arrived on scene.

The Lifeboat then took all the passengers off the three vessels to get an accurate head count and make sure there was no injuries or illness.

The Surprise departed under her own power back to St Mary’s with the Pegasus in attendance and the Lifeboat returned the passengers back to St Mary’s Harbour and into the care of the Coastguard team and the Ambulance crews if required.

After dropping off the passengers the lifeboat returned to escort the Surprise for the last few miles. The skipper of the Surprise had arranged a trailer at Porthloo where she was pulled straight up.

Steve says throughout this incident, the Skipper and crew of the Surprise acted professionally and with great care towards the passengers, which is evident as not one of the passengers got wet, every one had a life jacket on and all were in good spirits throughout.

Steve says thank you to all the vessels that responded and proceeded to the scene and the others that offered to help.

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