EE Launches 4G Network In Scilly

St Agnes Boating owner John Peacock

St Agnes Boating owner John Peacock

Residents and visitors to Scilly will finally be able to surf the web at superfast speeds on their mobile phones and iPads as operator EE switches on its superfast 4G network today.

Up until now, phone users have only been able to access slower 2G technology.

One of the people who will benefit from 4G on the islands is St Agnes Boating owner John Peacock, who can now take advantage of mobile payments on board his boats as well as remote access to his innovative ‘online office.’

John said: “4G from EE will radically alter the landscape of the islands. It will enable businesses to totally connect with their customers and vice versa.

“In terms of our business, it’s really important our customers have connectivity all the time. Now they can pay while on board, or even order a boat while they’re sitting on the beach.”

EE chief executive Marc Allera said the development has been made possible by the arrival of the superfast fibreoptic cable to the islands, which was completed in 2014.

Mr Allera said: “When my colleagues at BT talked to me about the incredible achievement to deploy fibre to the Isles of Scilly, I knew we had to use that technology to ensure that residents and businesses on the islands also got an amazing 4G experience.

“We’ve seen the difference that 4G can make right across the UK, and I’m delighted to be able to continue making that difference in one of the most remote parts of the UK.

“This project shows the power of the BT Group as a digital champion for the UK, making new investments to bring high-speed communications to even the most challenging locations.”

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