New Teams Appearing At This Year’s World Pilot Gig Championships


The team from Bermuda will be appearing for the first time

The 27th World Pilot Gig Championships start on Friday and the international rowing event will kick off the new Isles of Scilly Festival, an extended range of events being organised by the Islands’ Partnership and running throughout May.

At least 150 gigs will be on the water with an estimated 3,000 rowers and 1,000 supporting family and friends expected to make the trip over.

Before the rowing starts, Scilly’s new Chaplain Perran Gay will host a ceremony to launch the newly-built gig Avona for the Clifton Gig Club at Town Beach at 3pm on 29th April.

It’s the first appearance at the event for the recently formed gig club.

The boat, which sports a varnished wood finish, has been built by Launceston-based Brian Nobbs who also crafted the gigs Tamar, Bedehaven and the St Martins gig Iron Maid.

Clifton’s club started training for the event last November and they will be joined on the water by another new entrant, whose crew will be traveling considerably further.

Appledore club member Steve Lock has been coaching the Bermudan national rowing side for the last year.

De Nieuwe Meerminnen Club from Holland is also attending for the first time, bolstering the significant Dutch presence at the event.

The rowers travelling the longest distance to participate will be the Gloucester Gig Club from Massachusetts in the USA, who are returning for a second championship.