‘Travel Hack’ Praises Family-Friendly Scilly

'The Travel Hack' blogger Monica Stott

‘The Travel Hack’ blogger Monica Stott

One of the UK’s most influential travel bloggers says Scilly is one of her two favourite places on the planet.

Monica Stott’s comment, that the islands are on par with Iceland, is quite a compliment. She’s travelled the world visiting dozens of destinations in her role as reporter and publisher of the popular website, ‘The Travel Hack.’

Monica, who lives in North Wales, worked as a newspaper journalist before the surge in popularity of her travel reports allowed her to devote all her time to travel writing.

She visited Scilly last summer and speaking with ScillyToday yesterday, was full of praise for the islands.

Monica says that Scilly is easy to get to but feels, “like a completely different country.”

Visiting Scilly offered Monica her first reporting assignment with her 4-month old son.

She says she was impressed at how easy it was to travel to Scilly with a youngster and she feels that the islands would be perfect for young families seeking a special holiday destination.

“There was plenty to do, even when it was wet, and we could go along at our own speed,” she says.

Monica says that the islands remained, “gorgeous, even when it was raining.”

She thought that the beaches were beautiful, but the pace of life and friendliness of the islanders she met made the greatest impression on her.

“As soon as I got there, everything seemed to slow down,” Monica said.

The travel writer says she was keen to recommend the islands to her readers because there are so many different types of holiday on offer in Scilly.

She stayed at Tregarthen’s Hotel but was highly impressed by the range of accommodation options including luxury camping and would like to return and stay in a tent.

Now Monica’s review of her summer 2015 trip to Scilly last summer had been added to her website. And it should be well read.

Monica tells us that Travel Hack has 350,000 online followers and receives 250,000 monthly page views.

You can read Monica’s review and see her pictures here.