Hotel Owners Can Convert Staff House To Holiday Let

starboard lightThe owners of Tregarthen’s Hotel have been granted permission to alter their staff house so it can be used as a holiday let.

Planners agreed an application for changes to the 18th century building, ‘Starboard Light,’ which is alongside The Bank in St Mary’s.

In recent years the Grade II listed property has been connected to ‘Port Light’ next door.

Town Hall records show that the two addresses were originally separate dwellings and it was felt that the blocking of an internal door would reinstate that.

Plans to convert a rear extension into a toilet were also passed.

Tregarthen’s Hotel didn’t need permission to change the use of the building from workers’ accommodation to a rental property.

Back in the 1990s, planners stated their belief that Starboard Light is the oldest house outside the Garrison Walls.

And Council Chairman Amanda Martin told councillors that it is “a very interesting historical building.”

She asked members to “be sympathetic to the islands heritage” as well as to the landscape, claiming, “we don’t have many fine buildings of this period.”

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