Councillors Reject New Porthloo Home

Council Chambers

Council Chambers

Councillors have rejected an application to replace a Porthloo bungalow with a new home, after one member said the plans looked like “a job lot” of the incinerator buildings had been moved there.

Cllr Marian Bennett made her dislike of the design known, as planners discussed the proposal to remodel Sunholme.

The applicant wants to transform the 1930s bungalow into a contemporary, 3-bedroom, 2 storey home.

Marian accepted that buildings could take a while to blend in with their surroundings but she felt that there was a risk that this one would not.

She reminded members that she had been a Health Centre trustee when its controversial design was revealed. That building had been important, Marian said.

She chose to abstain from the vote on Sunholme.

Cllr Gordon Bilsborough was first in a succession of councillors to suggest that the proposed property was “out of keeping with the surrounding area” with Cllrs Fraser Hicks and Avril Mumford following on in agreement.

Avril said it was “ugly” and she felt that the inclusion of a flat roof made the structure stand out against neighbouring properties.

Although the site is low on the landscape at just 7m above sea level, Cllr Steve Sims opposed the plans because the building would be visible from the harbour approach and the Garrison.

Not all councillors disliked the design, though.

Cllr Mike Nelhams felt that it had the look of “The Hamptons” about it and he didn’t think the current bungalow was “a thing of beauty,” either. He chose not to vote.

And Cllr James Francis felt the plans were possibly “a little too exciting.”

Eight councillors eventually voted against the scheme and there were two abstentions.

Cllr Francis urged the applicant to go back to the Planning department and work up a new design with the planning team.

The Planning Officer had recommended that members should approve the plans, which they rejected, overturning her advice.