Planners Approve A New St Mary’s Takeaway And ‘Restaurant’

tanglewood quicheTanglewood Kitchen will be allowed to sell takeaways and offer sit-down meals.

Councillors have approved a request to switch the premises from an A1 classified business to one with both A3 and A5 planning uses.

It means that Tanglewood is no longer listed as a shop and it can now operate as both a restaurant and takeaway.

Owners Lindsay and Euan Rodgers say that they are not altering the exterior of the Grade II listed building, but they are considering adding tables and chairs inside the property.

In the Planning Committee meeting, Council Chairman Amanda Martin was given confirmation that there would be no outdoor seating.

Euan says they are not planning a formal restaurant but there could be a dining space where people could eat lunch or where groups could be catered for.

He says they want, “the flexibility to think outside of the box.”

Councillors were supportive of the change, which Cllr Fran Grottick felt would, “add to the tourism offer.”

Fran welcomed the additional table spaces because she was aware that some visitors had difficulty in getting hot food over gig weekend due to the demand.

Cllr Mike Nelhams also backed the application, saying, “St Mary’s is really very short of decent eating out places.”

The Rodgers’ food retail business was launched in the St Mary’s Post Office premises in November 2012.

And it has been critically acclaimed.

Lindsay and Euan have recently won awards for their quiches and ready meals but planning restrictions have, until now, prevented them from selling heated snacks and meals.

All their food is cooked on the premises and planners accepted that there’d be no additional smells associated with cooking.

The hours of operation will be restricted so neighbours don’t face disturbance. Tanglewood won’t be allowed to sell takeaways after 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays and they’ll have to end hot food sales at 10pm on all other nights.