New Home Approved For Young Scillonian Couple

Peninnis Farm

Peninnis Farm

A young Scillonian couple will be allowed to build a new home on their family farm.

Scilly’s planners have this morning backed plans for a 3-bedroom, 2-storey house at Peninnis Farm.

Prince Charles had already approved the scheme, which will be developed on land leased from the Duchy of Cornwall.

Daniel and Zenna May intend to build their new home adjacent to the existing farmhouse, occupied by Dan’s parents.

The new home will be constructed of natural materials including granite, timber cladding and a slate roof.

Council planners accepted that it would be “in keeping” with traditional Scilly building styles.

Planning Committee members were satisfied that it won’t dominate the landscape and will be partially screened by private gardens.

But Cllr Fran Grottick said the application was “finely balanced.”

Fran felt the siting of the home was “a little bit sensitive” but she was satisfied that the impact of the site’s proximity to the Bronze Age cairn at nearby Circus Field had been assessed.

She wanted locals to know that she’d considered both the needs of local young people and the islands’ economy against the need to retain our “beautiful landscape.”

Cllr Gaz O’Neill pointed out that the Mays had consulted closely with the Planning Department over the scheme.

In their application, Daniel and Zenna May stated that they were both born, raised and educated in Scilly.

The pair say they have returned to the islands to work on the farm and to grow the business, to enable a life where they feel they belong.

The couple married last year and are expecting their first child next month.

They say they need more space to raise their family and as a base from which they can develop the business.

In the last three years the May family has developed a luxury camping site and increased the number of livestock, building up herds of Ruby Red cattle and producing up to 60 pigs annually at Peninnis.

They plan to extend their farm produce in the future and they have an outlet at the family’s town centre business, The Farm Deli.

The submission states that the couple has, “committed to invest a lifetime’s work in promoting its ongoing success.”

That level of commitment struck a chord with councillors.

Cllr Marian Bennett said it was a “positive proposal” and was “beneficial” to the islands’ economy.

Marian accepted that a planning application should not be based on people, but accepting the application did offer continuity for members of a “traditional family” who wanted to follow, “a traditional pursuit.”

Cllr James Francis seconded Marian’s proposal to accept the plans, agreeing that such an application, “should be encouraged.”

Members approved the application unanimously.