Scilly’s MP Promises Independent Guide For EU Referendum

derek thomas feb 2016

Derek Thomas MP (left) with American Intern Gabriel Dreiman

Scilly’s MP says he is “more than likely to vote to leave” the European Union in the referendum planned for 23rd June.

But Derek Thomas, who describes himself as, “a settled Euro-sceptic” says he wants the electorate to receive reliable, independent information about the UK’s membership of the EU.

He says the issue will dominate politics and the media for the next four months and it will be difficult for voters to know who to believe.

“Many people have firm views regarding how they intend to vote in June,” says Derek.

“However, many others are unclear about what membership of the EU actually means for the UK and media coverage over the next few months may not help to clarify things for them.”

Derek recently welcomed Gabriel Dreiman, an American intern, to work in his Westminster office as part of the Hansard Scholar Programme and he’s asked Gabriel to produce an independent guide to the pros and cons of our membership of the EU.

Derek is inviting islanders to forward any questions or queries that they would like Gabriel to address in his guide.

“As an American, Gabriel is well placed to collate the information and produce an independent guide that I hope will be useful as people prepare to vote,” says Derek.

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