Street Trading Expanded To Porthcressa Bank

porthcressa schiller shelterStreet trading in Hugh Town will be expanded to cover the Porthcressa bank and walkway areas from April.

Members of the recent Licensing Committee meeting agreed the changes following feedback from existing traders earlier this year.

The extension will see the grassy areas and path, which are popular with summer visitors, opened up to licensed traders.

An ongoing traffic review will also look at creating two no-parking zones either side of the main Porthcressa steps.

That’s an area the traders said often became congested with parked cars and they felt restricting this to mobile stands would make it safer for both traffic and pedestrians.

But Council Chairman Amanda Martin raised concerns that trading at Porthcressa, which is classified as a ‘pleasure ground,’ was restricted by local byelaws.

Administration officer Sue Pritchard assured her this wasn’t the case.

Councillors also agreed that a single pitch will be offered at the Atlantic Slipway, although Cllr Martin wanted assurance that this wouldn’t affect access to Town Beach for boatmen and emergency services, particularly when storm boards are in place.

She said it was important for street traders “to understand that they are lowest in the pecking order when it comes to access.”

And problems faced by traders during the busy Gig Weekend could be helped by new temporary spaces being opened up either side of The Park – by the phone boxes and outside Sportsmode.

Councillors say they will review the amendments after the first year of operation.

One Response to Street Trading Expanded To Porthcressa Bank

  1. Christine February 24, 2016 at 2:26 pm

    PLEASE don’t let Porthcressa beach become another St. Ives. For the first time last summer we noticed real aggression from the seagulls and witnessed several thefts of food from people’s hands, including my husband’s.