Local Authority Has Highest GCSE Pass Rate In England

school summer 1The number of pupils in Scilly passing five or more GCSE exams last year was the highest of any local authority in the country.

League tables published today by the Department of education showed that 84.2% of students at the Five Islands School gained five or more passes at A* to C grade.

The average in England was 66.5%

If Maths and English are included, that figure dropped to 73.7%, again the highest.

But the high marks came at a price. The data shows that the total spend per pupil at the school was £9,761 against a national average of £5,944.

£4,752 of that total was spent on teachers with £1,195 used to employ support staff. That was almost twice the national average of £626.

But the 2015 expenditure was down slightly on the previous year, when £10,165 was spent on each student.

However, the data shows that some areas need improvement.

The number of youngsters at Key Stage 2 attaining level 4 or above in reading, writing and maths fell last year to 69%, below the national average of 80%.

At the Children’s Committee meeting in October, Head Teacher Linda Todd said the small group sizes in Scilly can skew the results and just a couple of children with special educational needs can have a large effect on the numbers.

Children’s Committee Chairman Christine Savill also said that the authority would be supporting a KS2 improvement plan at the school by “putting more money into it.”

3 Responses to Local Authority Has Highest GCSE Pass Rate In England

  1. scillylover January 22, 2016 at 10:06 am

    This is a non story. Without taking anything away from the achievements of the pupils or the work of the staff, the numbers are so tiny that the statistical comparison means nothing. One or two more or less able students in each cohort completely skew the percentages.
    However you cut it, Scilly pupils have quite a privileged education, so there is no reason for any learner not to achieve to their full potential, however high or low that is.

  2. Roger Ewe January 22, 2016 at 7:06 am

    Hang on a minute Kate, Radio Scilly are just reporting the facts, a little late mind you as this was in the national news last week.

    With class sizes smaller than the mainland and more support staff than the national average then you would expect these results.

    As for the ‘council offers such strong support’ – you obviously gave a short memory.

  3. Kate Stephens January 21, 2016 at 11:24 pm

    Good old Radio Scilly, turning a good news story into a negative issue. Of course the expenditure per pupil is higher than the average as we have higher costs, particularly as a federated school with boating and boarding elements. Everything the school has to buy had added carriage costs as we all know. The support staff do a wonderful job and are worth every penny. Why can’t this radio station celebrate the wonderful success our children bring us instead of looking constantly to undermine and besmirch it? As the saying goes ‘you pay for what you get’. I am proud of the extraordinary success of our children and the work of the school. Just leave them to get on with what they do ever so well and be thankful that the Council offers such strong support.