BT Upgrades Broadband Equipment In Scilly

bt openreach superfastMany islanders should see improved broadband speeds following an upgrade to equipment in the exchange on St Mary’s.

BT says the new kit will provide a better service for people using the old copper-based ADSL broadband, not the high-speed fibre network.

It should mean a more reliable and possibly faster connection for these customers, they say, with a possible maximum speed of 20Mbps compared to 8Mbps previously.

But BT warns that the actual speed will depend on a variety of factors such as distance from the exchange and the customer’s own equipment and wiring.

In December Ofcom published data showing the median broadband speed in Scilly was the seventh slowest in the country, even though the old microwave link had been replaced by a high capacity fibreoptic cable in 2014.

BT put the result down to a large number of islanders sticking with their older, slow connections, rather than upgrading to superfast broadband.

One Response to BT Upgrades Broadband Equipment In Scilly

  1. Robin Mawer January 24, 2016 at 10:47 pm

    It might be an upgrade for some but it has cut me off for at least ten crucial days !!! I am on the mainland now so can connect here now !!!