St Mary’s Harbour Improvement Project Weekly Update Week Ending 15 January 2016

Here’s the update on the Quay works from Kier

Quay Extension:

12th Slab poured – 2 remain.

Fenders – 13 of 19 installed. Remainder on-going.

Quay Widening:

First 4 Slab pours complete.

Backfilling around tanks on-going.

Drainage installation on-going. Further slab pours to follow.

Wall construction commenced.

Harbourside building

Freight Offices – New DB installed works to install chiller works & electrical feed ongoing.

Freight Store – 2nd fix electrics this week

Balcony – Balustrades – Cladding & decking complete.

Chiller – Testing and commissioning this week.

ACO channel installation complete.

Sliding doors fitted, testing ongoing, guttering to follow.

Parting Carn:

Batching concrete for quay extension and widening foundations continues.

Demobilisation ongoing.

Stone cutting for new wall installation to quay widening.


· Recycling of the dredged material at Porthloo continues using Tractor Trailer and a Wheeled Excavator.

·All large boulders will be retained and used in the sea defences.

Kier has installed cameras on all working vehicles with a recording facility for appraisals and record purposes.