Islands’ Partnership Looking For New Chairman

David Jackson from the Islands' Partnership

David Jackson from the Islands’ Partnership

The Islands’ Partnership is looking for a new Chairman and they’re casting their net wider than the islands.

The non-executive position has been vacant since former Chairman and Duchy Land Steward Chris Gregory stood down last summer. Current Vice Chairman Robert Francis has been carrying out the duties on a temporary basis.

The Partnership’s Executive Director David Jackson says the board has been looking at several options over the past few months but have so far been unsuccessful in filling the role.

So they’ve now opened it up to approaches from islanders and people on the mainland.

David says major changes taking place, such as the devolution deal for Cornwall and the next round of EU funding for the region, as well as ongoing transport issues, means it would suit someone with either political influence or with links to mainland business partners.

The new Chair will provide overall leadership and strategic direction to the tourism and business organisation and help identify opportunities for the economic prosperity of the islands.

David says they’ll need to possess strong business acumen and previous experience at board level.

But he says any mainland recruit would need “to have a passion for Scilly” either through family or business connections on the islands.

Although this is a key role for the Partnership, David says if no suitable candidate comes forward, they have the option of electing a new Chairman from the existing board of nine Directors.

Details about the role, and how to apply, can be viewed on the Islands’ Partnership website or you can contact David Jackson on 01720 424036 or email

2 Responses to Islands’ Partnership Looking For New Chairman

  1. Adam Morton, St.Martins January 11, 2016 at 9:00 am

    The services of IP could be fulfilled with one computer literate person. Unfortunately it is a propaganda tool in the hands of a few wealthy businessmen playing on niev peoples desire for importance with votes on totally unimportant matters. IF there has been any upturn in visitor numbers ,it is a result of the islands now being competitive with the mainland and other destinations through a decade of price holding through recession & inflation. Now they can watch the results negated by SSco price rises even though they maintained record profits throughout! Unless prices are significantly higher than the mainland ,businesses will not cover the extra cost of transport. Last year there was nearly £14m SSco turnover, that represents the cost of transferring people and goods from the mainland to Scilly and represents the reduction in value to the islands economy over more normal mainland models. Far from accepting this IP actually invited someone in to suggest that local businesses should compensate visitors with their services for the high cost of fares! This should give no illusions as to who really controls IP and whose interests it operates in! Any further proof can be seen in the progress on transport. After declaring the council a talking shop where nothing happened its gone even quieter under IP! I’m not saying the SSco don’t have an equal right to exist and make a profit but not to the exclusion of anyone else .

  2. Ewart January 9, 2016 at 8:02 pm

    There is only traveling expenses to be paid in connection for the position of Chairman??
    Looking at the specification for the Post, the responsibilities are onerous, who would be willing to accept this role, if they reside on the Mainland.
    They are required to attend at least 4 Board meetings a year together with additional strategic meetings appropriate to the role.
    Attendance would be on St.Marys, with the transport problems you have to and from the Islands, this would in all probabilities mean over night stays!! at their expense one would assume.
    Is there a Knight in shinning Armour to take this position.
    I have written this as to date no one has made any comment, plenty about dog poo rules,but not this, one can see were peoples priorities lay.