Islanders Given Chance To Thank Gry Maritha Crew


Gry Maritha

Gry Maritha

Over the years islanders have shown their appreciation for the crew of the Gry Maritha in different ways. The men have been invited to meals in The Mermaid and a special evening has been held in their honour at the Atlantic Hotel.

This year, St Mary’s businessman Tim Guthrie is arranging a collection to mark locals’ gratitude for the lifeline freight service from the mainland, which regularly sails in the roughest sea conditions.

Tim says there have been ‘whip rounds’ before and he wants the crew to know that islanders are thankful for what they do.

Tim has arranged for collection jars in a number of town centre businesses, including the Paper Shop and Post Office.

Last month Tim spearheaded efforts to raise cash for the Royal Navy Benevolent Fund as a thank you to the RNAS Culdrose pilots who are ending their search and rescue and medical evacuation service to Scilly on New Year’s Eve.

Tim says a number of residents who have been helped by the service have made donations ranging between £5 and £50. The appeal has reached its £1,000 target and Tim will present the cheque to Andy Watts from Culdrose after Christmas.

2 Responses to Islanders Given Chance To Thank Gry Maritha Crew

  1. Tim G December 29, 2015 at 2:17 pm

    Thank you all for your donations for the crew of the Gry Maritha and for 771 Squadron.

    This year a total of £514.03p was collected for the Christmas Box for the crew of the Gry. This was spent in wine and beer and also 9 (one for each crew member) Christmas Vouchers to the value of £45 each. These can be used in a range of major shopping outlets throughout the country and got over the problem we had last year when we tried to give cash which took until Easter to sort out with IoSSC management.

    I currently have donations of £1030 that will go to the Royal Naval and Royal Marines Charity that is the request of 771 Squadron. Lieutenant Commander Andy Watts will come to the islands and receive the cheque in the next couple of weeks and I will let everyone know the date when he confirms it to me.

    Just to finish, it was timely for both appeals. The Gry nearly didn’t make it’s last trip before Christmas as the weather was particularly bad and she had to go well past the islands to be able to turn back and make a run into St Mary’s Sound taking over and hour and a quarter longer than usual. 771 has been to the islands almost everyday over the Festive Season and although I feel sure that the new service will be a very good one I will miss the Seaking when it ceases to operate here after midnight on the 31st of December.

    Thank you all for your un bounding generosity.

  2. Pete December 17, 2015 at 1:37 pm

    Many many thanks lads. You do a sterling job. Have a good Christmas.