Unusual Christmas Decorations Pop Up All Over St Mary’s

christmas pompoms 2015Have you been down to the woods today? If you’ve not walked from Moorwell to Carn Gwaval through Doily Woods, you could be missing a wonderful, seasonal sight.

Dozens of white knitted pompoms or ‘snowballs’ have appeared strung across the path from tree to tree.

A collection of woollen decorations including knitted holly has also been attached to the railings outside the former Carn Thomas school and more have been strung up inside the Church Hall, home of the charity shop.

And after the positive praise of the knitted decorations on the tree in The Park, a further collection is going up at the weekend.

The project has been driven by staff at St Mary’s hospital and over the last few weeks the Brownies and Guides have also been producing the decorations.

Islanders have been encouraged to add their own wool work to the school path display before 4th January, when they’ll all be taken down.

A sign, posted on a tree, explains that these are pompoms for peace.

They’ve been placed to encourage islanders to think about places where, “noise and chaos falls down around you, not gentle, peaceful snow.”