Scilly Christmas Tradition Will Go Ahead Whatever The Weather

walking nativity 2014Angels, shepherds and wise men will be out in force on Sunday for the annual ‘walking nativity’.

Former Methodist Minister David Easton started it around ten years ago but it is an event that welcomes participation from all of the island’s churches.

Jackie Pritchard is helping organise it. She says that the main characters will set off from different parts of the Garrison or Hugh Town at around 5.15pm and they’ll all meet up for the procession towards the Methodist Chapel for the candlelit carol service at 6pm.

The group will call in at Park House on the way.

This year a girl, 7-month-old Alba, will play the Baby Jesus role and her aunty, Georgia May, will play Mary.

During the walk the participants call into The Mermaid, Atlantic and Bishop and Wolf pubs to see whether there’s, “room at the inn.”

Jackie says the weather forecast for Sunday isn’t good but the event will go on regardless, even if they have to carry umbrellas.