Popular Lantern Procession Returning To Islands In February

lanternsOrganisers of next February’s Lantern Procession are promising something new.

Video footage will be projected from inside the paper shapes, which will be paraded down The Strand at the end of the half-term break on Saturday 20th February.

It’ll be the third time that the Articulate Art Collective will have visited Scilly for the mid-winter workshops with islands’ children.

The Arts Council has now offered additional funding to allow a fortnight of activities and organiser Reg Payn says that means up to six artists can now come over.

There’ll be extra sessions for the children with painter, printmaker and poet Peter Ursem.

Peter will work with the children on a piece of creative writing using the topical theme of migration and Theatre Club regular Maggie Perkovic has offered her help with that.

Last year the children made lanterns following the Seabird Recovery Project theme.

The organisers have decided to let the kids choose the topic this time, based on the images the youngsters produce during their migration work.

There’s also going to be a musical element arranged by singer Emma Mansfield who will work with both the children and the Memory Café attendees.

Reg says they are still trying to source accommodation for the artists coming over for the half term activities. If you have space, you can email him at regpayn@btinternet.com.