Police Investigate Missing IFCA Boat

quay wide viewSt Mary’s police are investigating the disappearance of one of the boats belonging to Scilly’s Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority.

The 13ft open punt, an Orkney, was taken from a pontoon at the quay sometime between Saturday 5th and Tuesday 8th December.

The boat also had a Mariner outboard attached.

St Mary’s police say it was secured with a line and they think it’s unlikely that it broke free.

Deputy Harbourmaster Alan Hartwell told Radio Scilly that the area where the punt was last seen is covered by the harbour’s closed circuit TV system and staff are looking at footage, but there is a lot to go through.

If you have information you have been asked to contact St Mary’s police.


Update Saturday 12th December 2015: The St Mary’s Harbour Team says the  IFCA punt has now been found although it’s no longer seaworthy and the engine has spent four days underwater.

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