New Novel Based On Scilly Is ‘Out Of This World’

science fiction book bookScilly has been the setting for quite a few fiction books over the years, from swashbuckling historical yarns to bodice-ripping romantic tales.

But the newest novel to feature the islands is quite literally ‘out of this world.’

Far From the Spaceports by regular Scilly visitor Richard Abbott is set on a group of asteroids, named after the islands in our archipelago.

The story revolves around two financial experts who are sent to the colony to investigate a suspected large-scale fraud.

Richard says he got the idea while on holiday here in the summer and using a telescope one night to do some stargazing.

He says he’s always been fascinated by the different communities on the islands, each with their own unique identities.

And he says he can imagine people in the future naming their new homes after the places they loved back on Earth.

Many of the place names will be familiar but Richard says he’s had to be quite creative in how he’s used them.

That includes a crater called Samson and several spacecraft docking ports get their titles from bays around Scilly’s coastline.

There’s also a spaceship named after the tripper boat, Kingfisher, although none of the local watering holes have made the book. The bar in the story is called the ‘Blue Agapanthus.’

Water is a key element in Scilly – something that’s likely to be lacking on an asteroid – although Richard pointed out that many features on the moon are named after seas.

“People are pretty imaginative,” he says.

Richard feels that science fiction readers will probably come across the book first but hopes lovers of Scilly will also give it a go and see the islands in a different light.

And if you do enjoy the book there could be more to come. Richard says he’s working on a sequel.

You can obtain Richard’s book here.