Dr Adrian Davis Resigns From Council

adrian davisA prominent Scilly councillor and founder member of the HEART group, which pushed for greater transparency in the local authority, has resigned.

Dr Adrian Davis says he feels disappointed that he has been sidelined by other councillors and “naïve” for believing he could make changes in the Council.

Adrian says he and fellow councillor, Fran Grottick, have “asked serious questions but been blocked time and time again.”

He says his decision to resign has come after two key events over the past month.

He was one of the six councillors who signed a letter calling for a debate on whether the Chairman of the Finance Committee, Cllr Steve Sims, should resign.

Councillors voted to back Cllr Sims in the special meeting on 30th November but Adrian says he felt that decision had “flown in the face” of the Nolan principles of public life and the values set out in the Council’s own corporate plan.

A legal team from Cornwall also found that Adrian had no case to answer after the Council’s Monitoring Officer, Richard Burraston, made a complaint that Cllr Davis had bullied and intimidated him in a meeting.

But the Council’s Standards Panel still imposed sanctions on Adrian, including having to have a third party present when he meets with Council officers in the future.

He says being singled out and treated differently to other councillors is something that’s hurt him deeply.

Adrian feels policies are being put forward by the Council’s Senior Management Team, but says the community deserves more input into those and more respect of their views.

He feels there’s a perception in the community that islanders don’t have enough say and he says some of the changes coming about aren’t to people’s liking.

And while Adrian says he doesn’t want to see more governance being imposed on Scilly from the mainland, he thinks there are other ways to “move forward.”

“There needs more representation by people who have lived here for some time and know what Scilly has to offer,” he says.

Adrian and Fran were founder members of the HEART movement, which campaigned for great honesty and integrity in the Council.

That group was wound up when the two councillors took up their seats in 2013, but Adrian says he would be happy to go down the HEART path again if there was enough interest from the public.

He says he’s now free and not “gagged” over issues like the airport, as he was as a councillor.

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