Pub Watch Backs Police Over Antisocial Behaviour

police station 4Sergeant Colin Taylor says he’s pleased to receive the backing of the islands’ Pub Watch group after a meeting was called to discuss last weekend’s antisocial behaviour.

The licensee group will now work towards better information sharing to tackle persistent offenders.

Late on Saturday night, three men received fixed penalty tickets for public order offences and one of them was arrested.

Colin says the drunks didn’t get the message and repeatedly refused to stop what they were doing and go home.

Sgt Taylor says he’s given out a number of the £90 fines for drunk and disorderly behaviour recently and he says he’ll continue to do it if this persists.

But he says trying to manage these situations can be difficult, because he can only arrest one person at a time and dealing with the person means police officers are then taken off the street for a period of time.

Colin says its unlawful to serve someone who is drunk but it is an old law and hard to enforce.

But landlords have assured him that they are aware of their responsibilities.

They’ll make certain that staff know how to deal with people who have had too much to continue drinking.

Colin says the men who behaved badly this weekend have paid a greater price than the fixed penalty ticket and have lost their jobs, so will likely have to leave the islands.