Former Scilly Reindeer Becomes Star Attraction In Dorset

reindeer on porthcressaOne of the famous ‘Scilly reindeer,’ which made national headlines three years ago, has become a star attraction in Dorset.

Tula was featured in the Daily Mail when her mother Belle accidentally broke her leg when she stepped on her.

Back in 2012 the article generated considerable interest in the reindeer’s recovery.

More recently Tula’s been living on the mainland and last month the three-and-a-half year old was adopted by Alan and Sue Dodge of Bailey Ridge Nursery and Christmas Tree Centre near Sherborne.

Alan has kept reindeer for the past four years and they’ve proved a popular attraction during his seasonal promotions.

He first heard about the Scilly reindeer, which Stella Wyburne Risdale used to walk around town, when a friend saw them on the beach whilst holidaying here.

He says he managed to contact Stella through the Post Office.

Sadly Jingles and Belle, Tula’s parents, have died during their time on the mainland and Tula has also been unwell.

Alan says she’s now doing better but will need plenty of TLC over the winter months.

He says he’ll ensure she has a good life and she’ll get the chance to join Alan’s small herd, alongside three neutered male reindeer, Flash, Lightning and Thunder.

Alan’s local paper has featured Tula’s story and he says her Scilly roots are creating plenty of interest.