Old Wesleyan Chapel No Longer A Wedding Venue

wesleyan chapel 3The Old Wesleyan Chapel will no longer be offered as a venue for weddings or statutory ceremonies.

Not renewing the license will save £1,750. That would have been the fee for registering the venue for three years from the start of 2017, although Finance meeting Chairman Steve Sims pointed out that it was just moving money from one Council budget to another.

Members were asked to make a decision this week because promotional messages in next year’s brochure have to be amended.

Hiring the space hasn’t been popular. Nobody booked this year and there’s just one booking for 2016.

Lesley Thomas told members that people have inspected it but prefer the Porthcressa Register Office.

Cllr Richard McCarthy was concerned at the loss of a “comfortably sized” venue and one that’s available throughout the winter.

But Cllr Gaz O Neill reminded members that the discussion was brought in the first place because the space wasn’t being booked.

Cllr Sims told members if there was a “massive upsurge” in interest the decision can be reviewed.