Council’s Promised ‘Peer Review’ Report Still Not Made Public

town hall windows signAn independent report of the Council’s performance, written by Local Government experts, still hasn’t been made available despite the Chief Executive’s assurance that it would go public on the authority’s website.

At a public meeting on St Mary’s on 10th November, Theo Leijser told around fifty islanders present that the peer review, produced after a visit to Scilly in September arranged by the Local Government Association, would go on line.

The Council says the exercise was designed to test their performance and assess how the organisation compares to other authorities.

Mr Leijser said the final report had cited poor communication by the Council with the local community, but there were also some positives and he encouraged islanders “to have a look.”

But over three weeks later, it still hasn’t been made available to the public.

And at Tuesday’s Finance meeting, Cllr Christine Savill pointed out that councillors haven’t accepted and adopted the peer review yet.

That followed reference to the report in the Council’s recently published Risk Register, which is a separate document that details how to mitigate threats to the authority’s functioning and stability.

One Response to Council’s Promised ‘Peer Review’ Report Still Not Made Public

  1. Leo Taser December 3, 2015 at 1:28 pm

    Clearly, this is an another area where the Council is not yet ‘top performing’, but not perhaps unexpected when one of the findings is poor communication!

    However since the council has now promised to be truthful in their communication and interactions, celebrate successes, communicate areas for improvement and acknowledge mistakes and to be open, transparent and accountable about their performance then it is quite perplexing that this seemingly simple task has not been addressed yet.

    I do hope we don’t have to beat it out of them with an FOI request..