Church Charity Shop To Help Refugees This Weekend

charity shop 3This weekend the Church Hall Charity Shop will help refugees who face the prospect of spending Christmas in tents in Calais.

One of the organisers of the second hand goods sale, Sue Hodgson, says she was moved by Bishop Tim Thornton’s sermon at a recent Truro Cathedral service, which featured the plight of people fleeing the Syrian conflict, and she felt she had to do something.

During the service a Shelterbox representative also explained how they were providing emergency tent accommodation to the refugees.

Sue says 50% of Saturday’s takings will go towards that appeal.

Sue accepts there are differing views about the Calais camps and admits that some of the younger men at the camp might be economic migrants who would be better staying in their own countries to help the local communities there.

But she says she can’t ignore the older people and children who have been driven from their homes by war.

They’ve had no choice but to leave, she says, and is confident that the Rotary-backed charity will assist those who require help.

Sue says she’s grateful for whatever gets donated ahead of Christmas but she hopes that they can raise the cost of a Shelterbox – that’s £500.

If that can be achieved this weekend it will be their biggest fundraising total to date.

Sue says she and Doreen Leach took just under £400 a few years ago on New Year’s Eve and they haven’t managed to beat that record yet.

On Saturday between 10am and noon there’ll be a Christmas Bazaar at the Church Hall event on St Mary’s, with fun activities for children and a chance to win a Christmas cake in a raffle draw, taking place at 11.50am.