Council Wants Your Views On Housing

hugh town houses

The Council has sent a questionnaire to all island homes to find out whether residents have adequate housing and what their needs will be in the future.

The eight-page survey asks how long residents have lived here, whether you have moved recently and why, if they have elderly relatives who might move here and whether they will have equity from the sale of their home.

Locals are also being asked how much they have in savings and for details of their income.

There are also questions on the sort of accommodation people would like, what is affordable in monthly rent or mortgage payments and whether parents and relatives are helping new homeowners financially in getting on the property ladder.

Although the survey is asking highly personal questions, the Council promises that respondents will remain anonymous.

The numbers and coding on each form will only be used to identify your island and an independent housing consultancy company is carrying out the analysis.

The Council says they’re required by government to have a clear understanding of housing requirements and to carry out a fact-finding exercise every few years.

The Authority is currently coming up with a new Local Plan – the document that defines how planning decisions will be made for the next five years.

And an economic strategy produced for the Council last year recommended building 100 new housing units on the islands over that time period although that’s not been approved yet by councillors.

The Council says the results of the survey are essential to help them develop their housing strategy and planning policies. They’ll also use it to demonstrate the need for funding to Government and housing providers.