St Mary’s Harbour Report Nov 28th

Here’s the latest Harbour news from St Mary’s Harbourmaster, Dale Clark.

The forecast weather for the coming week is unpleasant and during the HW’s there may be overtopping waves along the length of the quay. Please do not come onto the quay (by foot or vehicle) if waves are overtopping. Please ensure you keep an eye on times of HW and the latest weather forecast.

The storm boards at Porthloo will be in place for the week due to the forecast weather.

As we approach winter we are experiencing more inclement weather and we advise anyone coming to the harbour to ensure they take care on the wet, and at times slippery, surface of the quay. We continue to try our best to ensure all passenger walkways are clear and useable.

When weather allows, mooring maintenance will continue with dive vessel Scavenger.

The Gry Maritha continues her scheduled 3 trips per week to St. Mary’s along with the Lyonesse Lady delivering/collecting off Island goods/equipment. A copy of schedules for both vessels can be obtained from the harbour office or freight office upon request.


Works to install the fendering will continue when weather allows

There are no expected deliveries of materials this coming week

The 4 large moorings at Nut Rock, Innisidgen and behind the quay remain in place

is hoped that work to pour the top slab will continue throughout the week – weather permitting

The steel pontoon sections remain – one of which is being used for the fendering works. In time they will be dismantled and sent back to the mainland

The landing craft Morlander visited during the week with deliveries of aggregate for the project. She was unable to load the crane at Porthloo and had to return to the mainland empty


The widening works continue with the majority of the old wall removed.

Access platforms on the seaward side are to be fitted to the new wave walls when weather/tides allow

There may be disruption to vehicular access at times this week due to works with the crane on the quay and we will try to advise everyone in advance of this.

It is hoped that material from Porthloo will continue to be removed for use in the widening works

The new bio-unit has been positioned within the widening section and work to connect this to the drainage and sewage system is now underway.


Ticket Office/Check in: PA system and roof still to complete. Work now underway to connect electrical supply

Freight Office: Cabling work still to complete in this area

Chiller/Freezer:Fitting of the electrical connections continue

Freight Store: Internal cladding and interior drainage being installed. Awaiting doors/shutters

Balcony:Roofing contractors have started on the decking and underside of the walkway. Still waiting for installation of pillar decorative feet/tops