New Right To Buy Plans Unlikely To Apply In Scilly

A CRHA development on Bryher

A CRHA development on Bryher

The government’s plan to offer some housing association tenants the right to buy is unlikely to apply in Scilly.

That’s the view of Cornwall Rural Housing Association. The Bodmin-based affordable home provider has built 25 homes on four islands and has recently added two new units at Tom Chudleigh’s former yard in Well Cross on St Mary’s.

Full proposal details haven’t been released following yesterday’s Autumn Statement but CRHA Chief Executive Peter Moore says proposals would be better described as “a right to acquire.”

Housing Associations will choose to opt-in and Peter says his won’t take part because they need to retain their stock of affordable homes for islanders.

CRHA has lobbied for retention of the current exemptions for rural communities with under 3,000 residents.

Peter says there are key worker or local need occupancy restrictions on their Scilly homes and that would make this sell-off, which will be piloted in five areas, difficult even if they wanted to offer it, which they do not.