Special Council Meeting Will Discuss Committee Chairman’s Role

Cllr Steve Sims

Cllr Steve Sims

There’s going to be a special Council meeting to encourage Cllr Steve Sims to quit the chairmanship of the Finance, Audit and Scrutiny Committee.

Six members have signed a motion asking him to resign with “immediate effect.”

Cllrs Gordon Bilsborough, Marian Bennett, Andy Guy, Fran Grottick, Adrian Davis and Fraser Hicks have written to the Chief Executive requesting a debate over Steve Sims continuing in his role.

There isn’t a mechanism for removing a chairman within the Council rules, other than by not electing him or her at the start of the Council year.

The councillors are not making public their reason for wanting Cllr Sims to stand down from the chairmanship of the committee that also deals with standards.

Steve Sims declined the chance to comment ahead of the meeting but indicated he would say something afterwards.

The special Full Council meeting will be held at noon next Monday, the 30th November.

Council Officers have issued a legal warning to members that they need to be careful what they say in or outside the meeting because of the risk of libel, which could damage character or reputation. And they’ve been told that could occur through the use of a hand gesture or verbal communication that is not recorded.