New Retail Outlets Forcing Changes To Hugh Town Shops

hugh town from garrisonThe number of new retail outlets on St Mary’s has forced the owner of two shops on Garrison Lane to merge them into a single unit.

Gibson Kyne’s and the neighbouring property, which is currently empty, were one store until they were split in the late 1980’s.

Planners have now given permission for them to be returned to a single retail space.

In the application, Planning Agent Terry Hiron wrote that the large reduction in tourist numbers and the building of additional retail spaces in areas like Porthcressa and on St Mary’s Quay is having an adverse effect on existing Hugh Town shops.

He said the empty property, which has been used as a deli, café, health food shop and most recently as an off-licence, had been advertised since it closed last year but there had been no serious interest in taking it on.

Terry says remodelling the two shops into one and improving the frontage will entice more customers in and improve the commercial viability of the business.

In March, councillors refused permission for the empty former Buccabu bike hire shop on the Strand to be converted into a two-bed apartment.

They said it would result in the loss of retail space in Hugh Town, although the owner argued that nobody wanted to use the space commercially.

That’s now the subject of a planning appeal, which will be decided this winter.

And at next week’s Planning Meeting, officers have recommended refusing another proposal to convert a shop to accommodation.

The owners of Man of War on the Strand want to create a one-bedroom flat for use by key workers.

They’ve also said that lower visitor numbers and too many retail outlets are affecting their viability.

Councillors will review that application at the meeting on Tuesday.

One Response to New Retail Outlets Forcing Changes To Hugh Town Shops

  1. Jeff Eastick November 19, 2015 at 12:17 pm

    This would seem to be a sensible suggestion given the lack of space in the present GK shop.
    Having an empty shop site gives a poor impression of the area. Just as well that the Porthmellon site is hidden away !