Poetry Expert Tracking Down Island Verse

Katrina Naomi

Katrina Naomi

An expert is trying to track down Scilly’s budding poets.

Katrina Naomi has completed a PhD in the subject at Goldsmiths in London.

She’s received funding from her university to research the islands’ poetry and produce her own Scilly-inspired poems during a weeklong stay here.

Katrina has also signed a book deal with Welsh publisher, Seren.

Despite her attempts to uncover locals’ works, both old and new, she says so far she hasn’t found much original Scilly poetry.

Katrina says she’s aware of poems published by the 19th century Scillonian poet Robert Maybe as well as newer writings, mainly by tourists to the islands.

But she says she’s keen to talk to residents currently writing here, or who know of works from the 20th century.

Yesterday Katrina met with some of the islands’ creative writers as members of the University of the Third Age read out their own compositions during a session at the Porthcressa Library.

Katrina says she didn’t assume that our stunning landscape would automatically inspire islanders to write poetry but she had expected to find more locals producing verse.

She’s hoping to spend more time on the islands researching local writers in the future and she’d welcome contact from any poets to meet now or during a future trip.

You can contact Katrina through her website or call her on 07868 113595.