Islands’ Police Facebook Page Reaches More People Than Ever

colin taylorThe number of fans linking to the Facebook page of St Mary’s Police has reached a new benchmark.

Sergeant Colin Taylor’s witty observations about island policing have now attracted over 50,000 followers.

Colin says the page is popular, possibly because it’s “one of a kind” and people associate the word ‘Scilly’ with something quirky and different.

Local papers from Northamptonshire to West Wales have again featured the success of the social media page this week.

The new statistics reveal that the islands’ police team have more Facebook followers than the entire Devon and Cornwall or the Avon and Somerset forces.

They each attract around 44,000 fans.

Colin had said, tongue-in-cheek, that he wanted to beat the Metropolitan Police, who currently have around 67,000 followers.

And he finds it “strange” that such as small policing area as ours can attract so many fans.

The majority of Colin’s followers – 33,000 users – are in the UK, including 5,000 Londoners. He also has 1,000 German followers and 3,000 from Australia and New Zealand.

In total, residents of 40 nations follow him regularly.

The humour in the updates is mainly down to Colin’s keen observations and writing style, but fans will need to make the most of the quirky stories while they can.

Colin says he won’t be posting to Scilly’s policing page after he ends his service here next summer.

He says it’s right that things reach their natural conclusion and people “will probably be wanting something else” by then.