Islander Calls On Council To Fight Harder For Scilly Over Water Changes

town hall 11The Council Chairman has told islanders that upgrading Scilly’s water and sewerage system to meet current UK and EU laws will cost up to £50m.

Cllr Amanda Martin was speaking at last week’s public meeting on St Mary’s, where she told attendees that just fixing Hugh Town would coast £8m and it would be impossible for the Council to borrow that sort of money.

“Imagine how much that would put on our bills,” said Amanda.

But Council Vice Chairman Steve Sims did come up with a figure. He said it would raise the amount each household had to pay every year by £2,000.

Steve said it would be, “much more effective to evacuate the place.”

The comments followed a question by islander Mary Cleveland, who asked why the authority wasn’t fighting the islands’ corner for special exemptions or grants in the way that former officers and members had.

Mary felt we should resist any new legislation, unless it was right for Scilly and that islanders didn’t want to “go in with Southwest Water,” who have some of the highest charges in the country.

Senior Infrastructure Manager Craig Dryden said the Council has made it clear to Defra that they won’t “just roll over and accept legislation” if complying with those new laws means it’s “completely unaffordable to the community.”

Mary was also concerned that the newly resurfaced roads would need to be dug up to improve our water and sewerage system.

Cllr Martin said there was “no desire” to do that and hoped that as much of the pipework as possible could go under the pavements, which she said everyone would agree, “need some TLC.”

Craig also told people at the meeting that Porthcressa Beach could potentially meet the ‘blue flag’ criteria, demonstrating that it was suitable for bathing, but that was unlikely at the moment due to sewerage discharges at Morning Point.

But he said when the water has been tested in the past it has been good quality, probably due tidal surges and the relatively small size of the islands.

5 Responses to Islander Calls On Council To Fight Harder For Scilly Over Water Changes

  1. The pedant November 19, 2015 at 12:51 pm

    Damned? Cursed beaches! Perhaps they should be dammed too!

  2. Fred Up November 17, 2015 at 6:27 pm

    Blue flag for Porthcressa, don’t be daft! You’ll have to stop yachts mooring at Little Porth get rid of the storm drain that comes out below Dibble and Grub, sort out the drain that comes out by the Wheelhouse etcetera, etcetera. The water is only as good as the day it’s tested and if that day should be following a deluge or a French yachts man having eaten a bad oyster watch the beach being rammed.
    I have to ask do officers of this council look beyond the ends of their noses and see a bigger picture?

    • Fred Up November 17, 2015 at 6:32 pm

      That should read beach being damned

  3. Jenny November 17, 2015 at 1:44 pm

    Our Council officers and elected members are correct, the evidence is available from DEFA. Our water and sewerage systems are in a very precarious state and is probably the area which should be at the top of the infrastructure agenda, especially for St Marys. You only have to read some of the correspondence about a proposed building project for two staff hostels on St Marys to understand the serious of the situation on St Marys.

  4. Elderflower November 17, 2015 at 11:30 am

    More utter utter bunkum from council senior players, goodness only knows what DEFRA make of our team no wonder they no longer think they can trust it, shocking drivel.