Brazilians Read About Scilly’s Football League

football garrison field sign 1Portuguese speaking soccer fans have been reading about the world’s smallest football league.

All Football, a Brazil-based sports blog, has featured the Garrison Gunners and Woolpack Wanderers, who play each other each Sunday during the winter.

The article accepts that the Garrison Field may not be the Maracanã, Rio’s famous stadium, but has “a unique charm.”

And they’ve highlighted the involvement of Brazilian player Samuel Campos, who has taken to the pitch previously for the Wanderers.

The piece outlines some of the history of football in Scilly, which started in the 1920s with the Lyonnesse inter-island cup and, when the off-islands dropped out, became a weekly fixture between Rangers and Rovers until the sides were renamed in 1984.

You can see the article (in Portuguese) here.