Theo Leijser Accepts Criticism Of Council Communication

town hall 4The Council needs to improve its communication with islanders, says the Chief Executive.

Theo Leijser was speaking at last week’s public meeting on St Mary’s, where he told attendees that a review of the Council by independent local government experts in October had found this was an area of weakness.

Mr Leijser said he had committed to making the Council “more open and transparent” when he started in the role 18 months ago.

But he admitted that the review had found that his organisation was still “not good at engaging in a meaningful way with the community.”

Theo said the Council did not yet have “a trusting, truthful relationship” with residents.

He said he was putting together an action plan to improve the situation.

Mr Leisjer said he would publish the full report, which also looked at areas such as financial planning and leadership, on the Council’s website. And he encouraged islanders attending the meeting “to have a look.”

However, when Radio Scilly looked on their website after the meeting and again this morning, we couldn’t find it.

9 Responses to Theo Leijser Accepts Criticism Of Council Communication

  1. Sagat November 19, 2015 at 4:52 pm

    These are all national stories about how good the Isles of Scilly Police Facebook page is:

    The isles of scilly police has 50,000 Facebook followers
    Isles of Scilly Travel has 6140.
    Radio Scilly has 4755.
    Duchy of Cornwall Holiday Cottages has 1939.
    The Mermaid Inn has 991.
    The Council………382.

    And would you believe it, the Council has a PR Officer on £25k+ a year! So he’s being paid And yet they cannot communicate effectively and ‘truthfully’? It seems Colin Taylor has worked out how to communicate with the world. How about the Council employ him as their PR Officer? There are pubs on the island who can communicate better than the Council. And here we are being promised some report/action plan (?) about communications which, budum-tish, doesn’t get put online. Can’t make it up.

    I just think the whole sorry story about communications is just totally unforgiveable on an island that’s two miles square and connected by superfast broadband. They could stand in the street and shout from the windows and still get through to more than 382 people. There you go, I just saved the Council £25k! Easy this!

    The Council’s worst enemies are themselves. The problem at the Council isn’t a lack of money, it’s a lack of effort and a lack of pride in their work. Where’s the drive and creativity? Colin Taylor obviously has pride in his work, and refuses to be idle, so he’s innovated and he’s been allowed to innovate by his superiors, who are no doubt delighted at the result.

    Maybe all the answers are in the report! Of course, that’ll sort it I’m sure, look forward to reading it in a momen…..oh wait.

  2. Inaction planner November 18, 2015 at 1:18 pm

    Still no sign of that peer report then?.come on Theo, do at least one thing you say.

  3. Elderflower November 16, 2015 at 9:03 pm

    The plan is for a poorly managed retreat followed by an ignominious collapse. They are an uncoordinated uninspiring accident prone bunch of losers. The council cannot even manage plausible excuses, surely a £110,000 chief officer ought to buy us that much?

  4. Colin P Ridsdale November 16, 2015 at 5:31 pm

    Cy Nick

    Leo you sound as though you don’t think it will happen, Have you not heard that contrary to the belief in global warming, Hell has started to freeze?
    Ever since the new CEO was put in placed he has worked tirelessly to produce a diligent and loyal team of his staff, what’s left of them, in all departments, Airport, Moorwell etc. and the Councillors that we have chosen to represent us.
    Our elders and betters have moved heaven and earth to try to be more open than things were in the past, all decision now made by a very select few (to prevent the wrong story from getting out before the plan has been checked for it’s accuracy) e.g. the Duchy/Airport/profit cap.
    The ‘Plan’, I’m sure, will be accurate and uplifting when it is finally released and all those who have found recent Council actions to be most disturbing, will rejoice in what the future will be going to bring us. (Sounds of Land of Hope and glory will be heard in the background)!

    • seth November 17, 2015 at 12:22 pm

      Dear mr Risdale,

      The future is bright in the land of linguists,

      Im living in a backwood cornish town where the local street cleaner has no hope of running any type of financial committee, despite him being the best there is.
      You have a land of real opertunity, a place where independant financial audits mean nothing if comming from some idiot with a mainland accounting degree. All you need is reasurance in many languages that the numbers are fine.
      Talking of numbers With the visiters going up every year since the dawn of time im suprised that you havent ask the bin man to get KIA to build an extra island, Dubi style.

      unfortunately im dyslexic which is a hinderence to my abitions here, but in your wold i could fly high and get to run the education committee, despite my inabilty to read endless boring paperwok on various statuary obligations., just because i couldnt do the basics wouldnt mean i couldnt do a first rate job.

      Could i get key worker staus? and thus housing,
      whats that in french?

      your green eyed friend

  5. Ewart Less November 16, 2015 at 5:24 pm

    Just think they used our money to get consultants to tell them what any resident could have told them free of charge!
    Well Chairman what have you got to say for yourself? It is never too late to start apologising and you have a great deal to be sorry for.

  6. Leo Taser November 16, 2015 at 12:32 pm

    When they get round to writing the action plan, I’m sure it’ll be the very first item.