Scilly’s Rotarians Holding Social Evening This Weekend

rotary club signScilly’s Rotarians are hosting a social evening at the Scillonian Club on Saturday evening.

They’re using live music to encourage locals to come out and meet their members.

Rotarian Ray Jackman will perform an hour-long set of country-influenced music in the Lyonnesse Bar and Brian Thomas will provide entertainment with his disco before and afterwards.

Rotarian Tim Guthrie says it’s open to anyone, not just people who are thinking of joining the club.

But he says he hopes new members will come forward. Like most groups and clubs in Scilly, membership numbers have started to fall recently.

Tim says anyone aged over 18 could potentially join, and the Rotary Club is a dual-gender organisation, open to both women and men.

The islands’ already have a strong Ladies Circle organisation, he says.

And Tim is encouraging anyone interested in the club’s fundraising to chat with a member about their recent and current campaigns.

These include international causes like Shelterbox, as well as help closer to home, such as buying the Isles of Scilly Health Centre equipment to help quickly diagnose strokes.