Busy Year For St Mary’s Harbour Staff

st marys quay welcome signIt’s been a busy year for staff at St Mary’s Harbour.

They’ve welcomed the highest number of passengers travelling on the Scillonian since 2008.

Assistant Harbourmaster Alan Hartwell said 57,000 arrived at St Mary’s Harbour on board the vessel, a rise of around 3.5% on the 55,000 passengers seen last year.

It’s also well up on the average 37,000 passengers seen when the helicopters were flying.

The Steamship Company says the total number of trips, in both directions, was 115,892 representing an overall increase of 4% year-on-year.

It marks a successful season for the Harbour team, who also helped organise a record 43 cruise ships and their 18,000 passengers visiting the islands since April, making Scilly the busiest cruise destination in the Southwest.

2 Responses to Busy Year For St Mary’s Harbour Staff

  1. Cauliflower November 16, 2015 at 1:50 pm

    The only reason the numbers are up is because there is now no reasonable alternative. With the cancellation of Skybus a regular feature( just how many flights were there last week?) both visitors and islanders alike are at the mercy of the monopoly that is the IoSSSCo.

    The only way that Scilly is ever going to attract visitors on a regular basis is to have a helicopter service again, but the likelihood of that happening with the ineptitude and lack of enthusiasm on the part of the Council seems to be receding year on year, just as the sad decline of Scilly seems to be increasingly inevitable.

    I do wonder whether all those who voted for a new broom at the Council and a change of Chief Executive are as pleased with the outcome as they anticipated.

    • Adam Morton, St.Martins November 17, 2015 at 8:24 am

      Well at least the Harbour team are releasing the figures which were “unavailable to the Council”! I wonder if they asked? Do you really think Skybus should have flown in thick fog? My opinion is that there needs to be adequate capacity and flexibility by sea to make it a real alternative to flying . The longer journey time and greater discomfort along with better fuel efficiency should make travel by sea the cost effective no frills option but given the pricing and timetables this is not really the case for visitors. But unless someone’s got £20m or so to show how its done ,it looks like we are stuck with it. The window of opportunity passed in 2013 , newly elected Council, funding has all gone , we have a Conservative government , the weather has returned to normal!