Rotary Club Arranges School ‘Mock Interviews’

school 2 2014Pupils from the Five Islands School will be awarded vouchers to recognise how well they handled a mock job interview.

Tomorrow, members of St Mary’s Rotary Club, who arranged the test, will present prizes to the top four Year 10 students.

The nineteen youngsters were asked to pick one of four future career options and were then quizzed by the panel of business and community leaders on topics related to their choice.

The all-day session was held off site at the Well-Being Centre on 2nd October.

John Read said the interview day had been held in the past and last year Rotarians were keen to reinstate it as an annual event.

He says some of the pupils have no idea what’s involved in an interview and this helps them to prepare for the future.

The youngsters are expected to research their chosen area and answer questions put by the panel of three interviewers.

John says the pupils treated the exercise very seriously and understood how useful and important it was.

All of the students who took part will receive a certificate when Rotarians go into the school tomorrow.