New Scilly Weather Station Could Encourage Visitors

Penny Rogers says a weather station in The Park could encourage visitors.

Penny Rogers says a weather station in The Park could encourage visitors.

Scilly should set up a weather station in The Park to better represent our mild temperatures to the world.

St Mary’s flower farmer Penny Rogers says that the Islands’ Partnership should develop the idea, put forward by her husband Pete, as a promotional tool and to add a point of interest.

At the tourism body’s recent annual general meeting, Penny explained how important weather readings can be in encouraging visitors.

In the past there’s been friendly competition between the Channel Island of Jersey and Scilly over which destination is the warmest.

But Penny believes that measurements made from the current weather station site, opposite the airport, could make Scilly appear cooler than it should be because of the exposed location.

Penny says, “Many tourist places have their temperature reading equipment in sheltered places.”

She says it would be great if staff from Seasalt, who chalk up daily temperature readings on a blackboard outside the shop, could obtain data from nearby.

Mrs Rogers suggests that future European grant money could be used for a project which the IP could drive forward as, “it’s the sort of initiative they could deliver without huge expense.”

Penny’s waiting to hear from the tourism body as to whether they wish to take the idea further.

4 Responses to New Scilly Weather Station Could Encourage Visitors

  1. Allan Hicks. November 13, 2015 at 9:19 am

    If the temperatures are all taken from instruments in a “Stevensons screen” then there should be very little discrepancy due to the site of the instruments.

  2. Peter Laverock November 12, 2015 at 1:58 pm

    One thing I learned working in Guernsey earlier this year is that there is a great rivalry over weather reporting between Guernsey and Jersey. The Channel Islands have a single Met Office, based in Jersey (to save taxpayers money). The Guernsey folk suspect that the weather readings are biased to keep Jersey’s warmth and sunshine statistics better than Guernsey’s. Jersey’s readings are taken in a sheltered sunny spot, while Guernsey’s are taken at the airport which is a high place, prone to wind and a wee bit more cloudy than the rest of the island.

    The trouble is that the tourists work all this out in the end. It is not a crucial factor when deciding to go on holiday, the decision visitors make is based on a number of values combined; the warmth of the welcome, the cost of getting there, the food and drink, the natural environment and the culture.

    Putting a weather station on full public view in the park might backfire because it would be seen as an attempt to cook the stats.

    How about we pool all the weather data that’s around at the moment, including the amateurs who take measurements at home, and see if there’s a significant difference in readings taken in different places around the islands. If there is a significant difference, then it would be justifiable to publish weather readings at places other than the airport.

    • Soutie November 12, 2015 at 2:48 pm

      The park is a great idea – make the most of all the hot air from the town hall !

  3. Bo Green November 11, 2015 at 7:40 pm

    I could not agree more , every time I look at the forecast on the T.V it never seems to represent exactly what is here .