Great Wall Walk Raises Funds For Air Ambulance

Faye Webb during her Great Wall walk.

Faye Webb during her Great Wall walk.

A former Isles of Scilly police officer has completed a charity walk on the Great Wall of China to raise cash for the Cornwall Air Ambulance.

PC Faye Webb served at St Mary’s police station for over two years and returned to policing in Plymouth in April.

Faye spent her last year in Scilly undergoing rehabilitation and learning to walk again after she broke her leg in twelve places in a horse-riding accident in 2014.

The Cornwall Air Ambulance flew Faye to Cornwall for emergency treatment and she wanted to fundraise for the charity in recognition of their help.

Faye finished the 10-day challenge last week and covered around 109km of the 22,000km landmark.

She says she’s still sore and it was hard going because of the steepness of some sections and the constant changes in the height of the steps, which she often had to tackle sideways.

Faye says there’s no terrain like it in the UK or any type of training she could do in the gym to prepare for it.

It wasn’t a holiday but nevertheless Faye says she is unlikely to return to China.

She says that while parts of the city were very advanced, she was surprised by how poor and unsanitary some of the areas she stayed at were.

Faye has raised almost £2,200 for the charity, which is well above her £1,500 target.