A Seal Has Been Shot Dead. Scilly Sergeant Appeals For Info

Sgt Colin Taylor says that a male Atlantic Grey Seal has washed up at the height tide mark on Pelistry Beach.

A post mortem by vet Dr Heike Dorn has revealed that the animal was shot through the lower abdomen by a rifle. The bullet passed right through the creature but Heike doesn’t think that it died outright. Heiki has revealed that it appears a rifle was used as opposed to a shotgun. It is suspected it was shot sometime last week.

Colin says that shooting seals is prohibited by the Conservation of Seals Act 1970 and he has recorded this as a crime and he is investigating it. Colin tells Radio Scilly " I am aware that in certain circumstances Fishermen have a lawful excuse for killing seals as provided by the Act.
If the person who shot the seal could contact me I would appreciate it. They have nothing to fear if they acted within the law. If anyone knows who shot this seal please call us.I am open to the possibility it was not a person from Scilly where local Fishermen have observed a voluntary ban on killing seals for many years."