Two Of Scilly’s Iconic Ships Recreated In Cardboard

scillonian II modelHundreds of people all over the world have been making cardboard models of two of Scilly’s iconic boats.

It started when David Hathaway, who operates his Paper Shipwright business online from his Cambridge home, offered the plans for scaled-down versions of the Queen Of The Isles and the Scillonian II.

David says he started making the modelling patterns in the mid-nineties out of a “desire to do something with his hands” because he was spending his working life using his head.

Anyone who wants to try the craft hobby can access a free template for a replica Queen Of The Isles online.

The plans have been downloaded thousands of times, especially from Australia and the Pacific Islands where the boat ended up.

David reckons that it will take around one week to create the cardboard model if you work on it each evening.

David has been to Scilly and says he created the plans for those two local boats in recognition of the man who got him interested in the hobby, Geoffrey Deason.

He wrote several books on the subject and included those two ships in his books too.

The models provide an exact and detailed 1:250 scaled-down replica of the real thing.

David works from the actual engineering plans for the boats. For both Scilly vessels, he says he was lucky enough to be able to get hold of copies of the original drawings.

And he’s had some interesting correspondence from people who have followed his patterns. One man wrote to him to say he travelled on the Scillonian on his honeymoon.

As well as the two ships, David also offers plans for models of S Agnes and Peninnis Lighthouses as well as the Daymark on St Martin’s.

And more Scilly models are on the cards with a Scillonian III plan being available next year.

David says he spent most of his recent crossing taking lots of photographs but he’s not yet been on a ship after modelling it. He says that worries him, because he’s, “bound to find a mistake.”

You can see David’s models at his Paper Shipwright website here.